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China Criticizes the United States on the 2nd Amendment

Posted on the 08 June 2012 by Mikeb302000
China Criticizes the United States on the 2nd Amendment via The New American, where they didn't like this one bit.
But in an official report entitled “Human Rights Record of the United States in 2011,” released a day after the U.S. State Department published its findings on mainland China late last month, the communist government blasted the situation in America. "The United States' tarnished human rights record has left it in no state — whether on a moral, political or legal basis — to act as the world's 'human rights justice,'" the regime said in its report, after citing multiple issues it claimed to perceive as human-rights violations. 
“We hereby advise the U.S. government once again to look squarely at its own grave human rights problems, to stop the unpopular practices of taking human rights as a political instrument for interference in other countries' internal affairs, smearing other nations' images and seeking its own strategic interests, and to cease using double standards on human rights and pursuing hegemony under the pretext of human rights,” concluded the Chinese government report, produced by the “State Council Information Office.”
The first alleged “human rights” violations in the United States cited by the communist regime: high crime statistics and reports of teenage bullying. Next on the list — apparently seeking to create the perception of a link with crime — was the Second Amendment. “The United States prioritizes the right to keep and bear arms over the protection of citizens' lives and personal security and exercises lax firearm possession control, causing rampant gun ownership,” the report claimed, citing more statistics.
I guess you could say, it takes one to know one. I happen to agree totally with the Chinese criticism, especially the part about gun rights in The States amounting to a violation of civil rights.I also like the double standard they mentioned about policing the world while our own shop is in disorder.
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