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Childrens Fashion Designer

By Lauramoodley

Ok If there is one thing that I have never considered becoming its a kids wear designer…or that was untill I found in my latest Vogue magazine.

For me the idea of buying over priced, high end fashion or branded clothing for children is sickening, u are lucky if they will get one wear out of an item before they grow out of it, they shouldnt be marketed to in such a way and children dressing like adults just puts me right off.

Anyway, I found an advert for this company and loved the photo and the dress worn by a cute as, red head girl. This is how kids should dress, with a touch of fantasy, humor and absolute innocence. Dont get me wrong there are some fairytale gowns, that i would Die for, in the collections and the prices are a bit high for kids-wear but its kind of changed my idea of childrens clothing design. Take a look for yourself at Pinco Pallino online.

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