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Children Know Best...

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
the following video taken by Yaakov Lederman is of a mob in RBS B being aggressive in the presence of two Haredi IDF soldiers. It turns out this was a sting operation and it was undercover police who then turned around and arrested some of the ringleaders.

We have "gotten used to" these types of mobs. I don't mean we find them normal and acceptable, but we are not surprised by them any more.
As I was watching the video, it struck me that what bothered me more than the harassing of Haredi soldiers, as bad as that is, and more than the violence (only verbal in this video and not physical, though that happens as well on occasion) is that children have been trained to be disrespectful to adults. With no sense of perspective there are children boldly telling adults how to live their lives and what is right and what is wrong.
For that I grieve.
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