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Children in Pain

By Newsanchormom

Children in Pain
This story makes sense to me. Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, whomever, has to be careful when prescribing pain medication to a child. I feel bad because if my child was sent home with only two days of pain meds, I would probably assume he didn't need or couldn't have any more. I guess that's not the right mind set to have. This one was an eye opener for me!
Here's the link to the story FROM CNN: It's happened so many times that Dr. Raymond Pitetti has lost count: A child comes into the emergency room with, say, a broken leg, and doctors give him strong narcotic painkillers in the ER, but then send the child home with no pain medication at all.

"The pain is just as severe as when they were in the hospital, but they're sent home with nothing and that broken bone is going to hurt like crap for a while," he says."Then we see the kid back in the ER the next day because they're in horrible pain."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


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