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Children Are Dying in Cities - Gun Control Is the Issue

Posted on the 16 April 2012 by Mikeb302000
Children are Dying in Cities - Gun Control Is the Issue
via Kid Shootings from John Lake at
We live in a much different world than the world our founding fathers knew. The old west was still new, and police were far sparser than today's law enforcers. It made sense to allow Americans to carry firearms, but it doesn't make sense today.
Some may consider the thinking of the drafters of the Constitution, and of the members of the Supreme Court, as it applies to gun ownership for a standing militia, and to oppose a potential tyrannical government. This is a compelling argument, but it may also be outdated and unrealistic.
The author touches on some important points. People in America have been duped by the NRA and gun manufacturers to think gun ownership is a good thing. In most cases it is not.
Lets look at some relevant statistics. In homes with guns, a member of the household is almost three times as likely to be the victim of a homicide compared to a resident in a gun-free home. A study of 626 shootings in or around residences in three U.S. cities revealed that for every time a gun in the home was used in a self-defense or a legally justifiable shooting, there were four unintentional shootings, seven criminal assaults or homicides, and 11 attempted or completed suicides.
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