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Childhood Discrimination #childhood #discrimination #CauseAChatter

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Childhood and discrimination had started to form an unbreakable relationship as soon as I was born. Everything that is taught to us in our childhood, it is not necessary that it should be right and just. Actually, right and wrong is also a debatable issue. We always believe that if one is right then the other must be wrong. Between husband and wife, siblings, friends, neighbors, nations, the same thing has happened and keeps happening. If my point of view tells me one thing is correct, then it is not necessary that others should also look at that thing from the same point of view. He may have a different aspect of his own. Just like this, the basis of my childhood discrimination began as early as I started understanding the things around, or may be much before that.

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This is what it looks like, this is what it doesn't looks like, form a kind of base to start judging people and things. An immature mind always gets biased because of other's biases. For instance, you only have to be friends with boys because you are a boy. Stay away from boys with weaker mind than you in the class, otherwise you will become weak in studies. Don't talk to that boy at all, he doesn't know anything. Every elder in the family has to be given full respect and everyone has to live up to their expectations. Does it lead always to right path? Doesn't it spoil young minds. Many times, it came to my mind that if the mind had not come under all these assumptions and temptations of others since childhood and had learned in a natural way without any pressure, then perhaps I would have become the owner of a much stronger personality later on.

This process goes on continuously in every family. From one generation to the second, second to third, third to fourth, and so on. We realize, but we never stop. There is no end to it. After growing up, I definitely remember these things. Had I not been taught this wrong thing? If only I had been shown its true form.? If that were the case? If that was not the case? But even after realizing all this, do we become right? Do we ever put a full stop to child discrimination? Do we ever seriously think about it and take our first step towards unbiasing the biased minds?

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