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Child Window Danger

By Newsanchormom

Child Window Danger
I try to post this reminder each summer for parents who have young children. It is so important to make sure your windows are secured. I have seen my kids open the window and push the screen out in a matter of seconds. If you have a two story home, it's a matter of life or death. We fortunately took the time to put window guards on our upstairs windows before we moved to this house a couple years ago. I had talked to a mom whose toddler fell from a second story window. It scared me so bad, I refused to move in until every single window had safety guards.My seven-year-old has figured out how to get the window latches off, but I have tried to remind him about his little brothers. Are your windows secure? Do I sound like a safety maniac today or what?
FROM NBC:Opening windows this time of year may give us a breath of fresh air. But open windows when children are around can be dangerous. thousands of children fall from windows every year. it's a potentially deadly accident that can be prevented.

Lisa Batson/Mother: "Well, it scares me because it's something I haven't thought about."
Lisa Batson, like lots of mothers, never thought of windows as a hazard for her children. But statistics now show as the weather heats up, children fall from windows.
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says about a dozen children die each year and four thousand more are injured as a result of falling out of windows.
The problem: window screens appear to be a barrier, but they are not.
Chrissy Cianflone/ Safe Kids USA: "This screen here can be pushed out with a child's weight very easily." Chrissy Cianflone with Safe Kids USA says parents should consider window guards. they are a way to prevent a potential deadly accident from happening.
Chrissy Cianflone/Safe Kids USA: "And they are very easy to install. and they basically fit into the window sill area. they can be screwed into the frame."
The guard costs about 30-dollars and can be found at local hardware stores. It's adjustable and will expand to fit the width of your window sill.
The window guard also has an emergency release.
Cianfone reminds parents, kids are curious.
Chrissy Cianflone/Safe Kids USA:"They're either playing. they have access to the windows because furniture is underneath the windows, so we want parents to remove all furniture from windows."
Another way to prevent falls-a device called a window stop. It restricts just how high a window can open. Many new windows come with stops already installed. Older windows can be retrofitted. They cost about five dollars.
Lisa Batson/Mother: "When you hear something like that and think that could happen to me. I think that is kinda an eye opener." Window guards and window stops just might save a child's life.
Another thought: if you have double hung windows, consider opening the window from the top down. That lets air in your home, but doesn't let small children push on the screen.
-NewsAnchorMom Jen
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