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Child Accidentally Brings Gun to NY School

Posted on the 25 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
This one wins the prize for the most ridiculous headline as well as the most ridiculous outcome.
The child of a retired New York City police officer accidentally brought a loaded gun to school in her backpack after her mother put it there and forgot about it.
Police were called to the Transfiguration School in Chinatown on Tuesday morning. The little girl had a .25-caliber pistol in her backpack, but did not realize it was there. Police say the mother, a retired officer, doesn't know why she put the gun inside the backpack, but had forgotten about it when she sent her daughter off to school.
The NYPD is doing an internal investigation. No one was injured. No arrests were made.
Isn't the stupidity of the act exactly the same when no one is injured as when someone gets killed? Shouldn't the response be the same? One strike you're out.
Allowing a kid access to a gun is a big "strike." The only "accident" here was that no one was shot.
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