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Child Abusing Gun Owner Shoots Cops Then Himself

Posted on the 27 September 2012 by Mikeb302000
The LA Times reports
The shooting of two San Diego County Sheriff's Department deputies may have occurred as the deputies sought to arrest a Lakeside man Tuesday in connection with a case of suspected child abuse.
The deputies were wounded in a brief confrontation in an apartment in Lakeside, a blue-collar community in eastern San Diego County.
A young woman who identified herself as the girlfriend of the suspect told NBC7, the NBC affiliate in San Diego, that the deputies had gone to her boyfriend's apartment after she reported to them that she had found sexually explicit pictures of him and her 8-year-old daughters.
The woman told reporter Diana Guevara that she saw her boyfriend shoot the deputies and then shoot himself. She said she was unaware of the conditions of the three.
You know the rule, if there's no mention of a gun charge it's safe to assume he was a lawful gun owner, which illustrates one of our major premises.  Gun owners suffer from all the ills that afflict people at large, many of which make them unfit to own guns.
Whether it be alcohol abuse or drug addiction or depression or even child abuse, gun owners suffer from these things at exactly the same rate as the general population. So, we can dismiss categorically the absurd idea that gun owners are somehow safer and more responsible.  They're not.
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