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Chic, Affordable and Earth-Friendly Halloween Decor

By Francoisetmoi

Ideas and inspiration for finding affordable, chic, and Earth-friendly Halloween decor! Add some fun festivity to your home without breaking the bank! I must admit, I didn’t get into Halloween decorating until my kids came along. They make every Holiday more fun, don’t you think? And though I’m now team ‘Halloween Decorating’, I don’t think I’ll ever be team ‘Spend a Fortune’. And finding a way to be Earth-friendly is definitely a priority. So how do I keep Halloween decorations, affordable and sustainable? Thrifting! Thrift stores tend to really shine this time of year because they receive a lot of kitschy clothing and Halloween costumes as donations, and by nature, their goods–everything from home accessories to crafts to books–naturally lean quirky and one of a kind. Perfect for Halloween! When thrifting for Halloween decor, here are my suggestions: Go Early! Start in September, if you think of it. Stores are likely always putting new pieces out, but it goes without saying, having the first pass is always best! Exhaust All Departments: I check out everything from home decor, faux florals, craft supplies and hardcover books. You never know what you’ll find, so I check everywhere! Don’t Be Afraid to Dig! […]

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