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Chiaroscuro: The Light and the Dark

Posted on the 19 February 2019 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

I may have misread the news yesterday. But, as I understand it, Tom 'Fat Boy Slim' Watson is deeply upset that Lucrezia Borgia has left the Labour Party. Lucrezia, a long time supporter of dead, Renaissance characters, among other mental health issues within the Labour Party, said last night: she could no longer put up with 'racist, Spanish and Italian Banker insults', during a tearful speech to key socialist leaders in the City of London. Many, otherwise mostly ignored, gilded historians, have come out in support for her on Twitter and Facebook.
Watson too, applying his Humpty Dumpty logic of putting things back together again that he has just broken, says, late tonight, that he will arrange a meeting between himself, Lucrezia and Jeremy Corbyn over a 'jolly nice glass of red wine' to 'sort things out' once and for all.
Updated today:
As you can see from this CCTV image, the meeting did not go very well. A visibly startled Corbyn on the right of the photo, seems to have been completely surprised by the old Lucrezia' 'ring finger' trick. We showed this picture to a leading Labour MP, and trusted , BBC source, who chanted a mantra growing louder and louder within the PLP, ' Get in there Tom - Machiavelli 1 Marx 0' and ' No Gold, No Swiss'.

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