Spirituality Magazine

Chewing Holes in Reality

By Hanumandass @HanumanDass


We pass through this life assuming everything is concrete. Then one day an anxiety arises and we question the validity of this assumption. Perhaps we intuit something is amiss but can’t quite put a finger on it. The point is we can’t avoid the question, it threatens the very comfort we so enjoy as separate persons in a permanent world. We look at ourselves with utter compassion for our existence and investigate who “I” am. With persistence the very fabric of reality begins to tear. Holes appear in the concrete assumption that we are individual, separate, autonomous entities. Something that seemed so solid, so concrete takes on the fragility of leaves being fed on by tiny insects. These insects are the very questioning. Reality is seen to not be so solid after all, for the many tiny questions eat away at who we think we are. Holes appear, eventually giving way to what lies beyond the appearance of reality. What we truly are is revealed, we are not the dried cement of self-assertions, we are the awareness, the consciousness of such assertions. We embrace what we are in our essence and the anxiety fades away…along with the assumption that we are separate from every-thing. Recognition is realization is liberation. Om.

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