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Chetzroni's Request at Mimouna

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
So, Amir Chetzroni has revealed that 3 years ago he filed a request wit the Ministry of Interior to have his Judaism revoked.
Chetzroni's request at Mimouna
Chetzroni went to the Mimouna celebrations recently hosted by Aryeh Deri. n explanation, Chetzroni said that with Deri seemingly the one who will be appointed the next Minister of Interior, and likely also will be the one controlling the Ministry of Religious Affairs, he went to Deri specifically to ask regarding the status of his request to cancel his Judaism.
While none of the reports say if Chetzroni was given an answer by Deri at the Mimouna celebrations, Itzik Sudri did say that in the case of Amir Chetzroni, Aryeh Deri will be happy to comply - i.e. good riddance.
 source: Srugim
It is sad that it has gotten to this point.
Besides for that, no matter what ministry Aryeh Deri might end up being appointed to, or anybody else for that matter, it is not within his power to stop Chetzroni from being Jewish. Chetzroni can do the most for himself by converting to another religion, God forbid, but even then he would remain Jewish. Sorry to burst his bubble, but Aryeh Deri's power is not limitless. The most he could possibly do is remove the status of "Jew" from Chetzroni's identity card.
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