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Chest Exercises

By Mia_patterson

4 Killer Home Chest Exercises

Chest workouts
If you're into working out at home, there are plenty of great bodyweight exercises you can do, and no there's definitely no shortage of chest exercises.
Here are a few simple great chest exercises you can do from home.
Yes the obvious, but don't underestimate the simple, yet effective push up. If you can do a number of pushups, consider using them as a warm up exercise. You could also invest in a weight vest to increase resistance if you want to continue to bulk up... weight vests can an awesome addition to the home workout station.
To work your inner chest more when doing a pushup, keep your hands closer together. Keep your hands further apart to work your outer chest more. To work your upper chest, do them inclined, and declined for your lower chest.
Pseudo Planche Pushups
If you know what a planche pushup is, don't worry, this isn't nearly as difficult, and will actually help you achieve an actual planche pushup. If you don't know what a planche pushup is, check it out on YouTube... it's very cool, and an awesome show of upper body strength.
To do a pseudo planche pushup, get in a regular pushup position with your elbows locked at the top of the movement. Now, lean your body forwards so you hands are now closer to being beneath your hips, as opposed to beneath your shoulders. Your elbows should still be locked in this position.
Be careful here... this can be hard on your tendons, and if you're a beginner it could be very difficult for you. The more you lean forward, the more difficult it would be, so proceed how you can, and always keep good form. Search "planche pushup" on YouTube to see one in action.
If you want to build up your lower chest, dips are definitely the way to go... they'll definitely bring out some definition in the area. To get the most benefit for your lower chest, do these with your hands on parallel bars, i.e. at your sides, your palms facing inwards, and try to keep your body upright (as opposed to using a single bar in front of you, or with your legs supported and your hands behind your back).
Dive Bombers
Dive bombers are an awesome chest and shoulder exercise, as well as incorporating other muscle groups in there to lesser extents. Instead of trying to help you visualize this through text, I'm going to suggest you do a YouTube search for dive bombers to better help you. When you're lowering yourself in the movement really push your chest into the floor (not literally... your chest shouldn't touch the floor... but feel it push in that direction), and you'll be able to feel some awesome tension in your chest and shoulders.
These are simple for the first few reps, but you tire easily when doing them, and will likely be able to do many fewer than you can pushups.
So there you have it, four simple chest exercises you can do at home to really work your chest!
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