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Chemtrails Are a Myth - Grow the Fuck up

Posted on the 22 October 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

chemtrails are a myth - grow the fuck up

these tiny cancerous flecks are sat on glass fibre rods, as comparison

I've been looking into this shit, this CHEMTRAILS phenomenon, for more than a few years and yeah my Oxford-UK sky is painted with these annoying white lines of crap again this morning.
And, yes, I'm angry about it.
What's different from any other blogging day, Philbin?
Well, yeah, true, but... certain mental cases on the internet will have us believe that CHEMTRAILS are some sort of intentional Eugenics-based conspiracy to make the world population chronically ill and therefore shorten everyone's life.
And you know that's the stupidest idea ever because THE N.W.O. TYRANTS WHO'VE DESIGNED THIS GREAT DEPOPULATION PLAN will also be chronically affected by the emissions from so-called chemtrail planes, hence it's not a 'viable conspiracy'.
More reasonable, to me, is the fact that the toxic shit coming out of commercial jet exhausts (and it's not just 'steam' causing 'persistent contrails') as they pass through the permissive paths of the military airspace over all countries has totally BROKEN our mid-to-lower atmosphere and will totally break our ability to breathe the air unless something is done, right now. And here's why...
Evaluating Particulate Emissions from Jet Engines: Analysis of Chemical and Physical Characteristics and Potential Impacts on Coastal Environments and Human Health by Karlene A Boyle.
The 1994 EPA report Air Pollution Mitigation Measures for Airports and Associated Activity omits particulate matter from its discussion of airport emissions, stating, “little is known quantitatively about jet engine particulate emissions” -- sounds a lot more like 'they might not have wanted to reveal patented 'trade secrets' about Stadis 450 or such...
The 1999 EPA report Evaluation of Air Pollutant Emmissions from Subsonic Commercial Jet Aircraft did point out that,  (commercial jet exhausts) emit VOC and NOx (O3 precursors), PM (both PM10 and PM2.5), SO2 and CO. Other air pollutant species include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) found in the particulate emissions and certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Karlene A Boyle's report shows that there's literally a lethal cocktail of micro-scopic particulates pouring out of the exhaust of every commercial jet in our skies. These particulates are so small, they're lethal to life.
Metal Composition of Jet Engine Exhaust
Chemical analyses of jet engine exhaust samples indicate that the exhaust contains heavy metals. Exhaust samples collected at the jet engine test cell showed substantial increases in metal concentrations above the control sample, Zinc, Copper, and Beryllium were all observed at levels 100 percent above the control. Lead levels were 50 percent above the control. Cobalt and Vanadium were observed at 25 and 28.6 percent elevation,
Human Health Risks from ParticulatesPhysical data showed that 100 percent of the exhaust particles collected were less than 1.5 mm in size. This indicates that they have the potential to adversely affect the human respiratory system. For the purposes of air quality assessment, airborne particulate matter is classified according to size. Particles larger than 2.5 mm tend to be deposited in the airways, whereas particles smaller than 2.5 mm penetrate deeper into the lungs, depositing primarily in the alveolar regions.

And why are Petro-Chemical Companies allowing this shit to pour out of the back of their commercial/military jets?  Can't they put their own children, their own health, their own environment before profit, just ONCE? Well, they sorta do - did you know that there are less emissions from the jets that take off from aircraft carriers? Yeah, interesting, huh?
Everybody is terminally poisoned if this insidious air-pollution continues at the present rate.
Remember, "The air is safe to breathe," from the same people right after the 9-11 event.

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