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Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky Are Expecting

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

Baby news is almost always good, exciting news- but when the expectant mother is the high profile daughter of a popular ex- President, it’s really NEWS.

For some time now her parents have been hinting at how much they would like to be grandparents- have to wonder why they didn’t have more than one to help ensure they would indeed get to be grandparents one day. Their daughter has only been married a few years- but at 34 there can be the additional pressure of the ticking biological clock. So apparently the time was just right and it looks like Chelsea is due in the fall.

This baby will have every advantage a child can and then some. Much will be expected from one so blessed. The baby watch may be almost as intense as the one in England, when the future king was expected. After all, the Clintons are one of the American dynasty families- and Chelsea along with her parents has a very visible career and presence on the New York social scene.

Given that this is a mixed marriage- he, Jewish and she, Christian- it will be interesting to see how they will handle the child’s religious upbringing. Will they celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah and Passover and Easter, will they choose one over another- or will they avoid the whole issue completely and join, say the Universal church?

When you take away all the glamor and window dressing- Chelsea and Marc will be parents. Like all those who have gone before them, they will have their sleepless nights, moments of joy and (yes) sorrow- and they will find that suddenly nothing else matters like this new life they are bringing into the world and into their lives.

Let’s all wish them a healthy and thriving baby as we wait for the joyous news.
Mazel Tov!

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