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Chelle Korgis, Historical Writer and 30 Something Blogger

By Brigittethompson
Chelle Korgis is a native from Kankakee, Illinois who now resides in the state of Missouri. Her interest in writing began at an early age and her first piece was printed in The Christian County News-Journal in 2002.
Chelle Korgis, Historical Writer and 30 Something Blogger
Her writing has been published Digi Tall-News Media, Ozark Senior Living, U.S. Legacies Magazine, and Friends and Neighbor. Her two books, Ozark and Nixa, were published by Arcadia Publishing.
Thank you for joining us today Chelle. Tell us more about your writing.
Chelle Korgis, Historical Writer and 30 Something Blogger As mentioned above, I have 2 non-fiction books published. I have also written many poems including "Lonely Old Man" and "Ole Mother Nature" which won reader awards in 2002. Today, I am writing articles based on women in their 30s focusing on how the economy continues to influence their marriages. At some point, I hope to write a 30 Something column in magazines or newspapers.
Can you share article titles and publications your work has appeared in?
- September 11, 2002: A County Remembers - (Christian County News-Journal, 2002)
- Centenarian, Irene Murphy - (Ozark Senior Living, 2002)
- A Trip Back In Time - (Ozark Senior Living, 2002)
- Inquisitive Little Minds - (Christian County News-Journal, 2002)
- A Little Prayer - (Friends and Neighbors Magazine, 2002)
- Pumpkins are the reason for planting this season - (Christian County News-Journal, 2002)
- Are our rights being violated? - (Christian County News-Journal, 2002)
What or who encouraged you to start writing?
I was first inspired to write when I was a teenager and started reading the poems written by Emily Dickinson. I also enjoyed reading books by Dean Koontz.
When I was 30, I was impressed when I discovered that my father wrote poetry.
My idea to start writing about history evolved from time spent driving around our town with my former husband taking pictures of old scenery and buildings.
Chelle Korgis, Historical Writer and 30 Something Blogger
What topics inspire you?
Non-fiction history continues to pique my interest; however, after talking with many friends I've started writing about everyday women who are having troubles in their marriages. After ending my 10 year marriage from Hell, I’m now a single mother and have a lot to share on this topic.
Please visit Chelle online at for more information. You can order her books through her web site or through

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