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Cheese Pairings

By Brian @WineInMyGlass

I found this cheese pairing tool at the Wisconsin Cheese website. In addition to pairing cheese with wine, it also has recommendations for pairing cheese with food, spirits, and beer. You can select a cheese, wine, food, beer, or spirit, and the website will show you recommended pairings. The list of cheeses is extensive, and the wine list includes popular varietals as well as a few other popular wines, such as Chianti. The beer list includes several types of beer (pale ale, stout, lager, etc.). The list of spirits is very short, however. It includes Scotch and Brandy, as well as Port and Madeira, which are actually fortified wines, not distilled spirits.

I found the pairings suggested for White Zinfandel somewhat humorous. White Zinfandel is the only wine that they recommend to go with pasteurized process cheese. Cheap wine and cheap cheese.


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