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Check Out the New Additions to “Can Do” Street Home Page!

By Jean Campbell

picture of new home page with new additions“Can Do” Street has new additions to its home page!”

“Can Do” Street’s additions start with a larger home page scene giving the whole site an expanded look and feel. If you take your mouse and roll over the characters, their names will appear in a pop up.

Watch carefully for the new addition of Maria and Yundi popping their tops and giving out with a  stream of bubbles.

Just under the “Can Do” Street Banner, in the upper left hand corner of the site, there is another addition…a description of what “Can Do Street is all about. It says, “Where kids 3-7 help can-shaped characters make good choices.”

When you get a chance, roll over Bobby’s boom box and listen to the “Can Do” Street theme song. It’s not a new feature but it is always a fun listen.

The flag over the mall awning is there to make finding out what’s new on the site and in the mall easier. Just click on the flag and then click on the feature you want to view.  An active link will take you to the latest  features such as crafts, games, lesson plans and much more.

So visit often and please let us know what new features you would like to see added to “Can Do” Street!

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