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Check Out My Techniques for Buying Accessories Online

By G J @myfavesjournal

I love to accessorize every day, which of course means that I need lots of accessories. Even though I like going shopping and picking out pieces in person, buying things online is so easy. There’s so much to look at that I have to try hard to restrain myself from buying everything I like. It’s very difficult not to let my finger “accidentally” slip and order something. Some people find shopping online a bit overwhelming, though. I can see why, because there are millions of products at your fingertips. But the internet offers deals and items you might never find offline. If you find shopping for accessories online a bit too much, here are my tips to make it easier.


Find Your Favorite Sites
If you feel like there’s too much to look at online, start by identifying your favorite websites. You can easily rule out sites that don’t sell much that you like. You can bookmark a few sites that you can browse now and then. Sign up to their newsletters too so that you get offers and new products sent straight to you. But how should you look for good sellers? You can start by looking at recommended retailers from blogs, newspapers and other publications. If you like a particular style, brand or accessory, search for websites selling what you want. Don’t just stick to big names. You might find you enjoy browsing Etsy or eBay too.


Resist Things You Won’t Wear
Sometimes when you shop online, or in person, you can go over the top. You buy everything you like the look of, even if you know in your heart you won’t wear it. You need to be strict with yourself to make sure you don’t buy things that will end up at the back of a drawer. If it helps, keep a list of stuff you ban yourself from buying. Maybe you love the look of platform shoes but you know you can’t walk in them, and, therefore, won’t wear them. Make a note of what you will allow yourself and that you’re sure you’ll use all the time.


Check Measurements and Colors
When you’re buying accessories online, you don’t get to look at or hold the item in person. You have to rely on photos, descriptions and perhaps product videos. So you need to be very careful about checking all the information. Size is important, especially if you’re looking at watches online, or perhaps shoes. Make sure your screen is showing color correctly too, and check the reviews to see if people got what they expected. Read the specifications about size, material and authentication if it’s designer.

Look for the Best Deals
The best thing about shopping online is the deals. So make sure you don’t spend any more than you have to. If you want to buy a particular brand, try looking in a few different places to find the cheapest price. However, you should always be careful about who you buy from. The price could be low, but then you might have trouble dealing with the retailer.

Once you’ve discovered a love of buying accessories online, you won’t be able to stop. There’s no need to try most things on, so it’s much better than shopping for clothes.

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