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Cheap Designer Radiators: Too Good To Be True?

By John Lawless @BestHeatingUK

Do High Quality Cheap Designer Radiators Exist?

When designer style is involved, ‘cheap’ and ‘inexpensive’ are words far from readily associated. The exact opposite connotations tend to apply, in fact, with luxurious class often an overriding theme related to designer products on the whole.

But can the same be said of cheap designer radiators? Do you have to spend big to snap up a snazzy, high performance radiator that is certain to enhance any home interior? Or is it possible to scope out budget designer radiators that encapsulate excellent aesthetics whilst providing stellar durability all the same?

Milano Aruba White Designer Radiator 635mm x 413mm

This blog will set out what to seek when shopping designer radiators, touching upon any red flags that might dictate a cheap designer radiator is more of a Del Boy special than a BestHeating top recommend.

Read on to find out if the very notion of cheap designer radiators is too good to be true.

Do You Have To Sacrifice Style With Cheap Designer Radiators?

Milano Alpha Black Vertical Single Designer Radiator 1600mm x 280mm

First and foremost, it’s never a good idea to prioritise ‘style over substance’, and select a designer radiator based purely on its aesthetic profile rather than its performance properties.

That said, we at BestHeating are firmly of the belief that home heating could and should be a beautiful extension of home décor, and a combination of style and appearance should be sought after within your chosen component. A radiator that can act as a stunning focal point within any interior and upgrade your wall space immensely.

But can you find a cheap designer radiator with a look to complement and enhance the room it is slated to be installed in, be it a living room, dining room, or bedroom. Or even as a bathroom replacement for heated towel rails?

Of course, it’s all relative to the style of the space, your budget and what you consider to be inexpensive to name just a few factors.

Just using our very own BestHeating range as an example though, over 170 products within our designer radiators category retail for £200 or less, with several items available for below £100 even.

Those towards the lower end of that pricing spectrum would tend to be more diminutive models, and so might not quite offer a suitably high BTU output to adequately heat the area you are hoping to populate.

But with vertical and horizontal components alike, inclusive of slim panel designs and chunkier round panel versions in lovely black, white and anthracite finishes, it goes to show that you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice style if choosing to invest in a relatively cheap designer radiator.

Performance Principles Of Quality Cheap Designer Radiators

Milano Windsor Vertical Double Column White Traditional Cast Iron Radiator 1500mm x 200mm

First and foremost, readily available specifications should provide some level of peace of mind for anyone thinking of investing in cheap designer radiators.

Details involving material, size, required valve type and water pressure should all be appreciated. And their presence will give some indication that the relatively cheap designer radiator you’ve taken an interest in is available from a reliable and reputable retailer.

Of course, your main concern as it pertains to performance principles is likely to be the heat output that your chosen radiator will deliver. Our BTU Calculator can help you work out which sort of cheap radiator will be able to provide an adequate level of warmth for the room you are looking to populate.

Plus, nagging concerns are understandable if you feel as though the outlay for your chosen radiator does indeed seem too good to be true. Look to purchase from a store or online retailer that offers a decent warranty against the product, then you’ll be less fearful of obtaining a faulty radiator that needs replacing in the same year. (BestHeating offer a 20-year guarantee against all standard radiators and designer models as well; just saying!)

Be sure to check product reviews where possible as well, to discover what previous buyers have made of the inexpensive designer radiator that has caught your eye. You might generally find that people will be more inclined to speak up after a bad experience, so predominantly positive reviews might show your potential radiator purchase to be even more well regarded.

How To Find A Quality Cheap Designer Radiator

Milano Aruba Flow Anthracite Horizontal Double Panel Middle Connection Designer Radiator 635mm x 413mm

Most online radiator stores will allow you to filter your search by price, so you can literally set the budget range you wish to shop in, and explore which radiators fall into that cost bracket.

You’re unlikely to get much joy starting out at a tenner and stretching to a bullseye, but as alluded to earlier, there’s a massive variety of cheap designer radiators on the market encompassing all sorts of shapes, sizes and finishes.

So, by setting a realistic ceiling on what you’re willing to spend, you should have a decent choice of good quality cheap designer radiators to go at, outside of standard radiator.

If you’re shopping the good old fashioned way, it might be a touch more difficult to ascertain what exactly is within your price range. It would be frustrating to identify a designer radiator you love whilst out and about to then discover it is wildly out of the realms of what you want to pay.

That said, there’s no harm in looking, and many people will prefer to physically visit the likes of hardware stores to get a proper look and feel of their radiators prior to purchase. Some will also find it easier to visualize the radiator and its placement in a property after seeing and feeling the component in the flesh.

Are Used Designer Radiators Ever A Good Option?

Ornate cast iron radiator close up details

Another subjective question, and one that might largely depend on how you define a designer radiator.

Yes, the possibility may exist to buy cheap designer radiators as a second-hand entity, though very likely without the security offered by a lengthy guarantee, and with a more evident threat of damage and faults.

And you’re also unlikely to find a modern designer radiator for sale in a pawn shop or antique store. If, however, cast iron radiators are more your bag, and you see classic, traditional aesthetics as defining designer rad characteristics, you could well be in luck.

Basically, a cheap radiator purchase might be a good option for a stopgap, and worthy of investment at the right price if you really don’t want to spend too much at all. Our blog, Old But Gold, explains how you could really hit the jackpot if you strike it lucky with the right cast iron radiator as well.

But all in all, it is recommended to go for a new model if you are looking to add a cheap designer radiator that will last a while, deliver a long lasting high performance, and provide peace of mind that a replacement will not be necessary in the near future.

Shop Cheap Designer Radiators From BestHeating

Milano Aruba Anthracite Horizontal Designer Radiator 354mm x 1600mm

Now you know what to look for, you can set about your effective quest for cheap designer radiators – and what better place to start than at BestHeating.com?

And for a deeper insight into all sorts of different radiators and their merits, don’t forget to take a look at the definitive BestHeating Radiator Buying Guide.

If you would like any further information or help and advice surrounding the best inexpensive radiators to choose from, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can leave us a comment in the comments section below, or contact us via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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