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Chat Room at Feast Festival Opening Night Party!

By Aurorapowers @aurorapowers

While 3,000 people doofed around us, we stayed in bed

Chat room at Feast Festival Opening Night Party!

Here are Megan, Cary and I (see the close-ups of Megan and Cary on telly?) doing some radical relaxation at the Feast Festival Opening party.
Bands and DJ's and drag kings and queens, party-people and ravers all around us. We are the calm in the storm. We are safe and snug in bed.
We are taking a moment to reflect on LOVE.
Wait till you see what Megan and Cary offer us on LOVE!! These grrrls have created their own language of love (Elizabeth Barrett Browning, eat your heart out!). In fact, they don't even call it LOVE, it's something quite different that they speak of....

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