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Charter a Bareboat to Witness Renowned Caribbean Carnivals

By Cubiclethrowdown

Experience Island Life by Taking in a Caribbean Festival

Most people who visit the Caribbean only ever get acquainted with its extensive beaches and pristine water. But once you travel inland a-ways you open yourself up to a whole new side of the Caribbean. Islanders are a product of their environment, meaning that they’re full of mirth and never turn down an opportunity to party. To experience the people of the Caribbean at the height of their celebrations,
head south via your bareboat charter and partake in one of the many extravagant festivals the Caribbean has to offer. 

T&T Carnival

While every island puts on a carnival that’s boast worthy, it’s Trinidad and Tobago that takes the cake. As the sixth most populous country in the region, T&T has the manpower and the joviality to turn its capitol, the Port of Spain, into the most happening place in the Caribbean every year on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The non-stop two-day festival is full of dancing, eating, drinking, and masquerading. If you’re expecting to kick back with your feet up and take in the festivities, think again. Participation is highly encouraged, so if you feel like getting involved you can purchase an authentic masquerade costume on the island.

Vincy Mas

From June 30th to July 11th, St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be celebrating its 40-year anniversary of Vincy Mas. Every day offers something new for islanders and visitors to partake in. Calypso competitions, pageants, parades, and authentic cuisine are just some of the events that will be in the limelight for this upcoming Vincy Mas.


The greatest party in the Bahamas will be at its strongest in the capital. The party takes place every boxing day and New Year’s Day all throughout the Bahamas. If you’re lucky enough to sail on by, you’ll witness a lively non-stop carnival that just about everyone in the country participates in. Groups of over 1,000 will perform Junkanoo dances as a symphony of goatskin drums, cowbells, whistles, and horns fill the air.

Crop Over Festival

Barbados is one of the most tourist-beloved countries in all the Caribbean. But apart from offering flawless beaches and countless water-based activities, every summer Barbados plays host to the renowned Crop Over festival. From its origins in the 1780s as a way to celebrate the sugar cane harvest, the festival has blossomed into a circus of food, Calypso, folk music, and shows like the Cohobblopot. The Cohobblopot is a flamboyant show consisting of Kadoonment bands and their dancers, all decked out in Crop Over appropriate attire.

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