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Charming Echoes: A Review of Pride and Preston Lin

By Mariagrazia @SMaryG
Charming Echoes: A Review of Pride and Preston Lin
Discover a new brilliant retelling of Jane Austen's classic: Pride and Preston Lin. Here's why Christina Hwang Dudley's contemporary riff is a must-read for Austen enthusiasts and lovers of heartfelt romance.

Book Description

In this modern-day retelling of Pride and Prejudice, the quick-witted and contrarian Lissie Cheng must navigate societal pressures and her growing attraction to the rich and enigmatic Preston Lin.

Lissie is the middle of three sisters, orphaned and taken in by their aunt and uncle. Both she and her older sister, Jenny, work in the family restaurant while pursuing their education and career dreams. When Lissie accidentally serves a dish containing shellfish paste to an allergic customer, she runs afoul of the wealthy Lin family. Their golden boy, Preston, star swimmer and Stanford Ph.D. student, is as handsome as he is self-righteous. Lissie hates him and everything he stands for, but circumstances keep bringing them together. Can she overcome her pride and her initial misgivings about Preston Lin and his condescending mother? Will love prevail, and will these enemies turn into lovers?

Pride and Preston Lin by popular Regency romance writer Christina Hwang Dudley is a hilarious and earnest contemporary riff on Jane Austen’s classic work. And readers will undoubtedly root for Lissie Cheng, a sassy new Elizabeth Bennet for our times, to find lasting love and happiness.

Charming Echoes: A Review of Pride and Preston Lin

A Journey into Modern Austen

As a devoted admirer of Jane Austen's timeless world of manners and romance, I delved into Christina Hwang Dudley's Pride and Preston Lin with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. After all, modern retellings of Austen's masterpieces can either illuminate the original narrative with fresh insight or fizzle into mere imitations. Yet, from the very first page, it was evident that Dudley's contemporary rendition of Pride and Prejudice was something truly exceptional.

At the heart of this brilliant modernization is the indomitable Lissie Cheng, a character whose wit and resilience echo the spirit of Elizabeth Bennet while seamlessly embodying the complexities of the modern-day woman. From her poignant struggles as a Chinese American navigating societal expectations to her endearing clashes with the enigmatic Preston Lin, Dudley crafts a protagonist who feels both familiar and refreshingly original.

Speaking of Preston Lin, Dudley's portrayal of him as the quintessential Mr. Darcy of our era is nothing short of brilliant. As the heir to a wealthy dynasty, Preston exudes an air of privilege and self-assurance that is both infuriating and undeniably magnetic. Yet, beneath his polished façade lies a vulnerability that slowly unravels in the face of Lissie's irrepressible spirit, paving the way for a romance that is as poignant as it is unexpected.

What truly sets Pride and Preston Lin apart, however, is Dudley's keen ability to infuse Austen's beloved narrative with a distinctly contemporary flair while preserving its timeless essence. From the bustling streets of San Francisco's Chinatown to the opulent halls of Stanford University, the backdrop against which Lissie and Preston's love story unfolds is as vibrant and dynamic as the characters themselves.

Dudley's incorporation of an authentic Chinese American perspective adds a layer of depth and richness to the narrative, offering readers a glimpse into a world that is often overlooked in traditional retellings of Austen's work. Through Lissie's experiences as a daughter of immigrants striving to honor her heritage while forging her own path, Dudley deftly explores themes of identity, belonging, and the universal quest for love and acceptance.

Pride and Preston Lin is not simply another adaptation of Austen's classic novel; it is a heartfelt homage that captures the essence of its predecessor while boldly carving out its own place in the world of Austen-inspired modernizations. With its sparkling wit, authentic characters, and irresistible charm, this delightful retelling is sure to captivate both die-hard Austen fans and newcomers alike.

About the Author

Charming Echoes: A Review of Pride and Preston Lin

Christina Dudley's books have been called "enchanting," "sparkling" and "swoon-worthy" by reviewers like Austenprose and Austenesque Reviews. She's authored two award-winning Regency series: The Hapgoods of Bramleigh and The Ellsworth Assortment, as well as PRIDE AND PRESTON LIN, a contemporary riff on Austen's classic which was chosen as a February 2024 Editor's Pick by Kirkus Reviews Magazine and received starred reviews from both them and Booklist. She and her family live in Bellevue, Washington.

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