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Charlemagne: Loosening the Union

By Stizzard
Charlemagne: Loosening the union

BRITAIN and Europe are like a couple in a difficult marriage. One day they have a blazing row; the next they want to kiss and make up. Britain’s David Cameron tried every means possible to block the nomination of Jean-Claude Juncker as the next president of the European Commission. But reasoned argument, appeals to self-interest, emotional blackmail and threats of “consequences” all failed: the European Union summit on June 26th and 27th endorsed Luxembourg’s former prime minister by 26 votes to two (only Hungary sided with Britain). Now Mr Cameron says Mr Juncker is a man he can do business with. Germany promised to help keep the family together. Sweden would “go the extra mile” to satisfy Britain’s desire to renegotiate its relationship with the EU. All vowed that British concerns would “be addressed” and that “ever closer union” need not apply.Many in Brussels dismiss the “Junk Juncker” campaign as a tantrum provoked by the internal politics of the Conservative Party and the challenge of the UK Independence Party rather than by the EU. Perhaps, some Eurocrats hope, the problem will go away if Mr Cameron loses office next year. That would be a delusion. British…

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