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Charlaine Harris Talks “Day Shift” and “True Blood”

Posted on the 12 May 2015 by Thevault @The_Vault

The woman who wrote the books on which True Blood was based, Charlaine Harris has released the second novel in her southern gothic trilogy set in Midnight, Texas – Day Shift.

 Click on the image below to go to watch the exclusive video interview with Charlaine Harris:


One of the topics Ms.Harris discusses is how she reacted to the translation from her books to the TV show, True Blood:

She said it was fun for her to see some of her characters come to life on the small screen in HBO’s True Blood, though Harris admits it was a slightly jarring experience.

“I had never imagined my characters as flesh and blood people except in my head. [The actors] were just as close as [screenwriter Alan Ball] could come,” Harris explained. “Of course they were all fabulous and I love the show, but it was sure a shocking experience for me to see people watching my stories being re-interrupted. It was an astonishing experience.”

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