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Charlaine Harris Chats About Deadlocked and True Blood

Posted on the 20 April 2012 by Tbfansource @tbfansource
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The examiner was able to catch up with Charlaine Harris and ask her questions about her new book in the Sookie Stackhouse series Deadlocked and HBO‘s True Blood.  They first start out the interview by asking Charlaine what obstacles she had to over some and how she was able to find her groove.  Here is her answer:

“Disgustingly, my first book was published. I was very shaky on the publishing process, but luckily for me I took a creative writing class at St. Louis University the only year we lived in the city. Shannon Ravenel taught that class, as luck would have it. She liked what I wrote in the class well enough to recommend it to her former colleagues at Houghton Mifflin.”

We of course want to know who the latest villain is who shows up in the new book.  here is what she had to say.

“Very few of my characters are totally heroic or totally villainous. But the villains in DEADLOCKED aren’t straightforward, but devious.”

Of course we all want to know about Sookie and Bill’s relationship in this book compared to the past books.  Here is the latest scoop on that for you.

“Their relationship is a funny mixture of familiarity, affection, and regret. They’re no longer lovers, but Sookie has flashes of remembering how wonderful her sexual relationship with Bill could be.”

Now the Bill and Sookie relationship isn’t the only one we want to know about.  We also want to now about Eric and Sookie’s relationship.  Here is what she said about that relationship.

“That’s a question it would take a very long time to answer. Their relationship in DEADLOCKED is troubled.”

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Source: Examiner.com – “Interview with Charlaine Harris on her new book Deadlocked & HBO’s True Blood”

Image Credit: Tina Gill, PR Photod

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