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Charity Talk: The Princess Project

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

In this season of brilliant jewels and drop-dead-gorgeous evening wear, I wanted to shine the light on a charity that is close to my heart. If you recall on Friday’s fab find prom jewelry post, we featured Emma Watson wearing a short cocktail dress and the perfect jewelry sets for the night!

Looking back, prom was such a stepping stone in my life. I, thankfully, went with a best friend who made the night magical with his corny jokes and boyish laughter. Endearing and charming, he made me feel comfortable in my own skin and absolutely beautiful.

Prom signifies the beauty and essence of youth—the cusp of adulthood, the transformation of a girl becoming a woman, which is both an exciting yet scary thought.

It’s also the time when mother and daughter relationships are strengthened, sometimes even formed, and fathers appear to be more protective of their daughters. Though it may seem as just another dance in high school, to many young girls out there, it is an important time in their lives.

Hence, in the midst of these hard times, I find it valuable to give that much more.

The Princess Project provides FREE prom dresses and accessories to high school girls who can’t otherwise afford them. It started with ONE girl who needed ONE dress for prom and, with the help of family and friends, she found the perfect one.

How beautiful is that! The Princess Project is fun, fashionable, and (best of all) FREE!

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