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Charade: a Game to Improve Your English Study Habits

By Tlb


Image by Fláudio! via Flickr

Are you interested in learning English language the easiest way? Well, everybody must have preferred the easiest and fastest way of acquiring this international language because its advantages seem be so endless. English language really creates great impacts to almost every aspect of our lives, which is why people, young and old alike pursue to be fluent in uttering the English language.

However, taking the decision to learn English language is not necessarily the real issue. What attest learners with their decision is to pursue during the learning process, particular to their study habits. I’m sure, some students find language learning a bit or utmost boring and routinely. After a while, they’ll just settle for less and learn just a part of the whole learning process.

So how are we going to make learners become motivated to learn English by developing a constant study habits? Well, good news to those who learn English because there is a game available to improve their English studies habits!

This is actually not your typical English game that you click with your mouse and log in to the computer online. This game is active within few or large groups of people and the teacher can also include this as one of their actives during classes. And you know what this game is—it’s called Charades!

I know you’re familiar with this. Charades is actually a game that involves a person acting out a word with their body instead of speaking any words. The people within the group will try to guess what the person is trying to convey. In this game, the person to convey what the word is should not utter any word or give clues with their mouths towards the people who will guess. The faster the people interprets what the word is, the better.

Now, why is this necessary for improving a learner’s English study habits? Well, if the learner is so avid with this game, he has to know lots of English vocabularies as possible. In order to answer what the person is trying to convey, the ones who will guess it should be rich with the possible English words. As the learner gets to master the game, he eventually is developing his English skills without noticing it. Usually, the person rich with English vocabulary is the first person to answer the correct word.

So, learning the English language is flexible, isn’t it? If you’re a learner who finds English language learning dreary and lifeless, invite your friends to play charades. It will boost your interests to learn English language.


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