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CHAPTER 1: How Strangers Met

By Arjuunsahay
CHAPTER 1: How Strangers Met For prologue clcik   It wasn’t always like this, Mayank and Meera use to be the most adorable couple. The amazing thing is they started of like strangers not even knowing that either of them existed till they met.
CHAPTER 1: How Strangers Met
Mayank was restless; maybe it was the summer heat that was getting to him or the reason that none of his friends had contacted him since morning. This was especially slow day for him, he sat with his laptop opening all the social networking sites he was on, only to be bored in a matter of minutes and closing it again.  Picking up his phone, he decided to call his friend Akash. The plan was decided as they were to pick up Akash’s old friend Sameera and figure where to go after that. Many places were pondered upon yet no decision was being taken, finally it was decided to go to nearest coffee shop. As they entered they saw a couple sitting, the duo was deep in a conversation and didn’t bother to raise their head to see who entered.
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