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Channel 4 U.K. “roughly One in Every Thousand Tweets is a Pornographic Image”

Posted on the 18 February 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

twittertpic published an article that dealt with Twitter and porn. The article focused on a recent investigation into Twitter and pornography conducted by Channel 4 in the U.K. Twitter is one of the few social networks that allows porn pics and videos, Vine which is owned by Twitter does not allow it, Facebook and Instagram do not permit it either. Tumblr would be the other prominent social networking platform where you can view porn.

The investigation delves into how to protect under age viewers who do not need to even join Twitter to see porn pics and videos. It would seem like a big task to police as Twitter has not made any of its members state their age when they sign up, so do they go back and make everyone verify their age ? That really does not solve the problem as you don’t need to join to view. Now one could say there is plenty of porn accessible to anyone without using a social network. Any teen can easily go to put in their favorite porn star and see plenty of links to videos.

From the article:

Channel 4, the United Kingdom’s PBS, has been looking into the amount of hardcore porn that is placed on Twitter. Specifically, its “investigation into the extent of the site’s porn community” has concluded that “roughly one in every thousand tweets is a pornographic image.”

In terms of sheer numbers, the network’s technology producer, Geoff White, adds that “as many as 500,000 sexual images are posted daily, including images of hardcore and extreme sexual practices.”

Putting a little more meat on the bones of his point he is building to, White adds, “Our analysis suggests roughly one in every thousand tweets is a pornographic image. There are more pictures of porn than there are of pets.”

So what exactly is the problem? White explains, “Twitter is also hugely popular among children. Of the UK’s 15 million Twitter users, it’s estimated more than a million are under 18.

Read the full article (NSFW) on AVN

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