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Changing Dynamics in the Expat Household

By Expatmum @tonihargis
I was warned that the domestic dynamics would change once the Queenager left for college. Given how well she and the Man-Child get on, I knew he would miss her (even if he does insist on telling us that we'll see her soon). The dog is hanging out in her room whenever she gets the chance (see previous post) and I am actually sleeping a little better now that I can't here her clanging around in her bathroom, which is directly under my bed!
What I completely failed to grasp however, was the need for a babysitter! Oh yes, I feel like I"m going backwards. If you'll recall, the Man-Child is almost 16, and the Little Guy is 8. Despite what the Ball & Chain says, we can't leave him on his own in the house. That means, any time I have to drive the MC anywhere, I have to schlepp the Little Guy along with me too. That should be shed loads of fun when it's below freezing. And when the MC's social life kicks in, (as it should in the next few months) I will either have to stay in or find a babysitter.
Have you any idea how long it's been since I needed a babysitter? A good 5 years, give or take.  I have no currency in that world at the moment. I have failed to keep tabs on which high schoolers babysit, how much they charge and who isn't to be trusted with a barge pole.
Something tells me that my social life is about to become even more laughable than it already is.

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