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Changing Directions in Abstract Paintings on Paper

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

So far I've been creating these abstract paintings on paper in one sitting, working quickly while the paint was wet.  This time I painted some backgrounds first on two 20" x 14" watercolor blocks. I drew random lines in burnt umber, and then took a wet brush, dipping it in water periodically to blend the light wash across the whole paper. 

After the first block dried, I drew circles in raw umber, starting with smaller circles in the top center and working outwards.  After the paint dried, I filled in the circles with a thin wash of color, beginning with yellow oxide in the center circles and working outwards with blends of orange. 

After this stage was dry, I drew shapes beginning with cadmium yellow light in the top center and working outwards with orange, red, and finally, cadmium red deep around the edges.  Then I took a small brush, dipped it in gloss medium, and filled in these shapes, adding more paint as necessary.

When that was finished, I felt the composition needed something more, so I drew more lines in burnt umber for texture and interest.


  Paper Block #7, 20" x 14" acrylic on paper.

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