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Changes to Come!!

By Bookaholic @BookReflections

Changes to Come!!
I want to thank everyone for their congratulations and well-wishes in regards to my graduation from law school.  I am truly relieved that I am finally done with school.  However, my work is not yet done.  I have to take the bar exam, which means I have to study.  Yes...I graduate so I can study.  And it seems that this will be unlike any studying that I have done before.  I know...I'm so sad.   Since I have class 6 days a week and will be studying 8 hours a day, Reflections of a Bookaholic will be on a semi-hiatus until August.  I KNOW!! THAT IS SUCH A LONG TIME!
What is a semi-hiatus you say? 
It essentially means that posts will be greatly reduced and I plan to abandon my Google Reader (*sniff *sniff).  No longer will you see 5-7 posts a week, with 2-3 reviews a week over here.  I plan to go to 3-4 posts a week with 1-2 reviews a week.  I'm not quite sure where the reviews will come from but hopefully they'll appear on their own. I will visit my favorite bloggers, reply to my comments, and return comments but I can't commit to more than that.
So what's going to be going on over in quiet land?
It won't be too quiet over here.  It is only a semi-hiatus after all.
I have some fantastic things planned, so you can still be excited.  Some of my favorite bloggers have agreed to guest post for Why I Love Wednesdays so every week in June and July, you can expect to hear from a couple of bloggers on the topic of the week.  It will be fun. I'm excited.
I've got some changes planned for the layout, which should make getting around easier.  I wanted it to be done before bar prep but such is my life.
I'm also participating in Foodie Friday, from Geeky Blogger Book Blog and perhaps Sunday's Best, hosted by Girl
So things will be going on.  There won't be any real-time contact and there will be a serious lag in my appearances.  But you guys understand right? Awesome.
Also...kind of off topic, but still things to come.  Reflections of a Bookaholic will be switching to Wordpress after bar prep. (*gasp) I know. I know. I said that I wouldn't do it.  I'm only switching because I received some nifty graduation gifts that I want to play with.  I'm not going to create another website that I'll never use to play so I'll move this one and play that way.  I'm really sad about it, honestly.  But I want to play with my presents more.  So... Oh well.
What about all those books you accepted for review?
Uhhhh!!  Saying that I'm behind is an understatement.  We will revisit review requests in August.  No worries, I won't accept any new ones until I clear ALL of my current accepted reviews.
But I've been emailing you and emailing you about my book?!!!
(*runs and hides*)
Honestly, the polite thing to do is to reply to your emails and let authors/publishers know that I'm no longer accepting reviews.  I'm a polite person, I promise, but my email scares me and I have yet to overcome my fear.  I'm sorry.  Maybe next week I'll become superwoman.
I have room for book spotlights if you put "BOOK SPOTLIGHT" in the Subject line of the email.  I'll send you a canned email explaining what I will need to feature your book on Reflections of a Bookaholic.
Please don't get offended if I turn you down.  I only want to spotlight books that I would have accepted for review.  Books that I would be interested in and would have read if circumstances had been different.
So with that... here we go!! I'm heading back to the classroom.  Grrr!

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