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Change Speak Volumes, Can You Hear What It’s Saying?

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

Change speak volumes, can you hear what it’s saying?

While updating the website, it became apparent to me that a great deal of the focus of HomeSpirations lately has been on things that no longer inspire me or anyone else for that matter.

I found myself having a bit of difficulty being inspired by current trends that are constantly being over done.

Seriously, who wants to read hundreds of articles about Caitlyn Jenner and other celebs when they are having difficulty feeding their family and paying bills? Dare I mention the utter musings of yet another so-called expert jabbering about what needs to happen in the world when they are actually considering voting for Donald Trump?

I love the blog but in the spirit of the holiday and as sure as the who's down in Whoville can attest to without a little bit of magic, I am not sure this blog will still be here.

Oh, little who down in whoville,

There just had to be something we can do!

Of course there is said the littles who down in whoville,

It just needs something new!

And with a flash of a hoof and a little bit of elven magic.... we made it happen just in time for the holidays!

Happy Holidays Everyone!HomeSpirations has a different look, feel, and completely new direction.

HomeSpirations has a different look, feel, and completely new direction.

We are opening the doors to make this blog a User Contributing blog. That's right, you can now sign up and write your own posts in any one of our categories!

There will of course there are rules but there is nothing we can do because we need to make sure that every Grinch who posts on this blog'sheart is warm and friendly!

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