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CFS/ME Awarness Week Please Help Me Raise Awareness

By Ellephantastic
CFS/ME awarness week Please help me raise awareness
As I have just recently joined twitter & have tweeted to JLC to ask to help raise awareness I thought I'd re share with you the pic of my knitted JLC with the real one!!!
CFS/ME is a devastating & debilitating invisible illness.I have been suffering now for ....oh many years, too many to count!
There are 250,000 people in the UK alone with CFS/ME It causes among other symptoms:chronic fatiguemuscle, joint & nerve painconcentration problems ~ brain fogdisturbed sleep & sleep patterns
Due to government 'cut backs' CFS/ME services all over Britain are being stopped.
Help us campaign for York by following CFS / ME York on Face book & twitterorsimply add the badge below to your blog for at least this week.You can link it to Action For ME ME blog our Face book page
CFS/ME awarness week Please help me raise awareness

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