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CENTR Reports There Are 311.5 Million Domains In The World

Posted on the 22 January 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains


According to a new report out today (PDF) by CENTR, which is the European country code TLD organisation, as of December 31, there are 311.5 million domain names in the world.

158.7 million domain names are Legacy TLD’s including .com, .net and .org; 140.1 million are ccTLD’s (country codes), 1.6 Million are IDN ccTLD’s, and 10.9 Million are New gTLD’s.

The CENTR writes:

“In absolute terms, most growth came from legacy gTLDs (largely .com) which grew higher than average due to sales in China. ccTLDs grew a combined 3.2% over Q4 2015 – similar to the average observed for the fourth quarter over the past few years. New gTLDs grew from 7.6 to almost 11 million domains over around 800 TLDs”

The top 10 ccTLD’s are listed by the CENTR are:


China (.CN) 16.4
Germany (.DE) 16.0
United Kingdom (.UK) 10.6
Netherlands (.NL) 5.6
Russian Federation (.RU) 5.0
European Union (.EU) 3.9
Brazil (.BR) 3.7
Australia (.AU) 3.0
France (.FR) 2.9
Italy (.IT) 2.9

This chart shows the top 5 European ccTLD’s in terms of growth for 2015 and how the percentage that different types of domain extensions are registered by those in Europe:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 1.16.06 PM

Here is the chart showing the growth in Legacy domain extensions in 2015:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 1.19.44 PM

You can read the full report here (pdf)

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