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Celebrity Style Trends That Need To Die: Part I

Posted on the 28 February 2011 by Migrating Coconuts
source: Now Magazine

Cheetos anyone?

It’s Oscar Sunday! One the greatest days of the year. Gold statues and classic film montages FTW! (Yes, I’m aware that I’m a loser) Ceremony aside, there is also the glorious red carpet. The glamorous event where over paid starlets pose in their million dollar jewelry and designer gowns, while the average folk sit in sweats on the couch (likely stuffing their face with junk food). As painfully superficial and ridiculous the red carpet may be, it remains a guilty pleasure for millions. Anyway, in honor of tonight’s red carpet, I’ve been inspired to write about an equally superficial topic. Thus, I present you with celebrity trends that need to die:

Bizarre Lip Colors

Source: People Style Watch


Celebrity lips have been seen with super dark purple, neon pink, and now coral/orange hues (which are apparently “in” for this spring). How people think these colors look good is beyond my comprehension. I’m sorry but unless it’s Halloween or you happen to be Lady Gaga or a drag queen, you should not be wearing these colors.  And for the nude lip, can someone please explain to me how looking like a corpse is attractive?  By the way, for the women who sport these lip trends in hopes of looking “sexy”, you should know that most men actually hate strong lipstick, including red lips. Don’t believe me? Ask the guys in your life. I guarantee you that they’ll agree.

Spray Tan Overload

Please stop. Just stop.

Celebrity Style Trends That Need To Die: Part I

Nice 'stache Lindsay.

Obnoxious Hair Extensions

Celebrity Style Trends That Need To Die: Part I

NEWSFLASH: most celebrity hair is fake. No seriously, almost every celebrity with hair to their collar-bone or longer is most likely wearing extensions. This is a trend that some can pull off, but the keyword here is some. Frayed ends, super-bleached colors, and Rapunzel-esque lengths. It’s just not a good look, especially when they’re not even done properly…….

Celebrity Style Trends That Need To Die: Part I

Check out my weave y'all!

Poor Britney. She makes $40+ million a year and can’t find a good hair stylist.

Teenagers Dressing Twice Their Age (and sometimes like prostitutes)

Celebrity Style Trends That Need To Die: Part I

The Kardashians' little sister Kendall Jenner. She's 14 years old by the way.

Call me crazy but teenagers these days are looking older. Like, significantly older. I’m in my twenties and every time I watch TV or a movie there seems to be at least one actor/actress that looks older than me. Is this really necessary? Okay, maybe I’m a little bitter but I just don’t understand why teenagers can’t look like teenagers for a change. It’s creepy, and kind of skanky.

Celebrity Style Trends That Need To Die: Part I

I did not look like this when I was 16.

Part II coming soon!

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