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CE Cochran Reviews “Change of Pace” by Sofia Essen

By Novelreads @NovelReads

CE Cochran Reviews “Change of Pace” by Sofia EssenChange of Pace is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble 
Give Change A Try…
It is not often that I find myself writing reviews, or reading books in the Chick Lit genre (being a guy) but I wanted something fresh and different. In a word, I wanted a change and I found all I was looking for in Sofia Essen's Change of Pace. 
"Sometimes, to find yourself it takes leaving everything you know behind" Sofia opens, challenging us readers to let go of our daily routines and preconceived ideas about life as we know it and step into her world. A world skillfully crafted with engaging characters, idyllic location, genuine warmth layered with pure heart, clever wit and a strong pension for unpredictability.
From the start I found myself caring about Anna Cox and empathetic to her trials and tribulations facing the "rule of three". Fascinated to see how Anna faced and coped with dramatic unexpected and unpredictable change. With each turning virtual page, I rooted for Anna as she grew closer to Alex and Jane all the while exploring a beautiful Greek isle, struggling to let go of her past so she can grow to embrace her new future.
The problem with life is that we never know what is going to happen next, yet Sofia shows us that life all comes down to a few moments and best way to cope is to embrace change. Sure change at first may feel like getting a sudden burst of Tabasco sauce up your nose for it is both simultaneously terrifying and exciting. Yet if we just take a moment and listen to Sofia's sage words of wisdom, be open and embrace change then everything is going to be all right. I highly recommend you read Change of Pace you won't be disappointed!-- CE Cochran

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