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CD Review: They Might Be Giants – Flood Live in Australia

Posted on the 27 February 2015 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU


In 1990 They Might Be Giants put out their ground breaking album Flood which saw them start to gain major commercial success across the globe. During their 2013 tour of Australia, a number of shows saw Flood played in its entirety. This album documents one of those shows.

What is clear in the performance is that even after close to 25 years since the album was recorded the Johns are still having a lot of fun with it. This is far from a play the music in the sleep type show. Rather they have managed to add new life to each songs! Having a full live band has given the songs a deeper sound with a more rocking feel. At the same time they have kept faithful to the original versions, maintaining the clever quirkiness that made the album so magical!

To keep things interesting they decided to play the album in reverse order, opening with the album closer Road Movie to Berlin, (compete with the omitted verse).
Particle man features an echoing psychedelic middle that sees the band poke a little fun at themselves, with John Linnell asking the question many TMBG fans have wondered, “why does Triangle man always win? I always hated that guy!”

The Four Lads’ cover Istanbul (not Constantinople) is extended to twice its original length, opening with a 2 and a half minute guitar solo and closing with a fast and furious jam!

The album closes with a lively and energetic version of the band’s magnum opus Birdhouse in your soul and a rockier version of the album’s opener Theme from Flood.

This is a great live album that shows off the album in all its glory while adding a little more. This is a must for any hard core They Might Be Giants fans while it also provides as good an intro to the band as any!

The best thing about this album is it is absolutely free! Simply go to their website and follow the prompts. With that in mind there is no reason not to get this!

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