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Posted on the 09 October 2016 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU

QUAILS is the solo project of Sydney based singer, songwriter, producer Amy , formerly one third of electronic popsters Tokyo Denmark Sweden. On this Ms Pes's debut solo EP she covers a mix of dark pop, ambient electronica, and subtle R&B and trip-hop backdrops. Bringing the various sounds and styles QUAILS brings forth six beautifully emotionally charged tracks!

'Almost' is a smooth chilled out electronic tune. The music floats along in a slow and steady manner with soft beats holding the atmospheric ambient vibes together. The soft, pretty vocals add to the chilled out and laid back feeling of the song. 'High hopes' is a darker affair. The sounds are cleverly arranges to create a chilling surrounding like wandering a forest at night. QUAILS's gravelly vocal delivery gives a sense of vulnerability which further adds to the chilling feeling of the song. 'With you' lifts the energy levels with fast paced beats while still maintaining the dark atmospheric surroundings. The deep layering of spacey textures gives the song a massive depth with all manner of intriguing activities occurring.

'The red light' is a slow hypnotic trip-hop offering reminiscent of Massive Attack or Tricky. The slow beats gradually lull you into a numb state, not releasing you until the very end. 'Dumb' has a faint 80s pop vibe to it similar to the Human League, adding an extra layer of pop charm to the mix. The album closes with the chilling trip-hop sounds of 'House not a home'. This sees the unnerving vibes hit their climax as the slow beats create a spooky atmosphere.

This is an absolutely beautiful EP that is full of colourful textures and vivid soundscapes. Over the 6 tracks QUAILS has clearly shown her ability to produce something truly amazing!

Check out QUAILS' Facebook page to find out more!

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