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CD Review: Mini Mansions – The Great Pretenders

Posted on the 18 May 2015 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU


LA three piece Mini Mansions have returned with album number two! Across the album is a great combination of musical styles. There are ekements of Michael Shuman’s other band, Queens of the Stone Age, but there is also bits from electro-pop, dance, alt-rock, and just about anything else you could name. Everything works together to create music that is slightly off-beat but very infectious!

The opening track, Freakout, provides a fine preview of what’s to come. There is elements of stoner rock, indie-pop, and electro/dance all melded in together to create something that is slightly offbeat but very catchy!

Death is a girl is a colourful and quirky tune that sounds like the bright and poppy version of post-punk. The tunes race around with a blast of sunshine while also having a curious menacing Joy Division-esq undertone!

Creeps sounds like Faith No More merged with the Beatles. There is some classic rock and roll elements complete with a vintage garage sound. At the same time there is a certain, offbeat, alt-rock feel to it giving it an extra intriguing edge!

Any emotions is a soft and chilled out indie tune. Brian Wilson’s soft vocals further add to the relaxed vibe.

Vertigo takes on a darker more menacing feel with a chilling vibe flowing through the tune. Alex Turner provides a bleaker than usual vocal delivery that further adds to the feeling and depth.

Honey, I’m Home continues the creepy menacing feel, sounding almost like a carnival side show in the dead of night. The curious flickering sound effects further add to the on edge feel. It then takes a sharp turn into early Pink Floyd psycedelica before tapering off. Mirror Mountain sounds like a Queens of the Stone Age track that was remixed by the Primitive Radio Gods! There are the tight and edgy rock elements working their way through only to be covering by strange experimental psychedelic sounds on top! Heart of stone and Double vision both have a vintage Beatles feel with a good mix of electro-pop layered on top to give them a curious twist. The album closes with the fittingly titled The End, again. A slow and melancholy tune that finishes the album off nicely!

This is a brialliant follow up that is full of rocking energy as well as bright and vivid pop vibes. For those that want both hard rock and sweet pop in their musical diet, this will give you both, and how!

Check out Mini Mansion’s webpage to find out more!

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