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CD Review: Llarks – 5*5

Posted on the 12 April 2015 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU


Next in the series of EPs of 5 songs in 5 minutes comes from Chris Jeely aka Llarks. The 5 tracks explore a wide range of ideas with a lot of depth and creativity. Unfornunately the 5 minute limit holds the tracks back to feel like potential but incomplete ideas.

Sunfall is an unconventional ambient drone tune with stuttering sounds. Opal has a scratchy distortion sound, sounding a bit like the tuning of a radio between different stations without quite reaching any. Migration is an echoing drone tune. The trouble is the music is muted too much to the extent that it sounds like its being played in a stereo in another room. Atavistic Chime has a slight rural feel to it, with a skipping guitar sound going on top of the ambient backdrop. Vestalis would work as an effective introduction to a bigger song with interesting experimental sounds and tunes but sadly doesn’t evolve much from there.

There are some interesting ideas and experimental sounds here. Sadly they don’t quite evolve beyond that and end up sounding incomplete and patchy.

Check out Silber Records 5 in 5 webpage to find out more!

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