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CD Review: Kirchenkampf – The Body Electric

Posted on the 01 May 2015 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU


Kirchenkampf aka John Gore has been making electronic music since 1986 as well as running the label Cohort Records. Normally his songs are longer than the entirety of the EP, making this edition of the 5 in 5 quite an interesting challenge.

According the the press release this record’s aim was to create “the sounds you hallucinate while trying to go to sleep on a space ship after being transferred into a new body to live through your mission”. That pretty much sums it up. The 5 tracks are all quite minimalist in terms of tunes and variations of sound. Instead they go for a certain vibe with the constraint flow painting the out of world and out of body soundscape.

EEG has a industrial / new age feel to it sounding like the soundtrack to a scene on a Star Trek film that features the Borg. Bioelectromagnetics has a white noise feel to it, sounding like a heap of background conversations occurring while you’re only semi conscious. Electroreceptors has a spacey vibe with a more ambient chilled out feel, as if you are drifting through space. TMS is a faint ambient yet chilling feel with wierd textures just floating along in a kind of Brownian Motion. Finally Galvani is the most active song with the weird spacey sounds having a volatile stop-start movement.

Given Kirchenkampf has been known to produce rather long songs, this would have been quite a challenge, but one that he has met. Each track provides an abundance of atmosphere and vivid imagery all packed into one minute.

Check out Silber Records 5in5 website to find out more!

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