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CD Review: Héloise – Nothin’ But The Bones

Posted on the 27 April 2016 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
CD Review: Héloise – Nothin’ But The Bones

This is EP number two from Melbourne based Folk/Blues songstress Héloise. On the EP, Héloise provides 6 beautifully crafted country/blues/folk tunes. There is a great atmosphere felt from start to finish making you feel as if you are traveling around the country side in the middle of winter. There is also a great range of dark and energetic tunes and softer chilled out pieces. Helose's beautiful voice adjusts brilliantly to fit in with the varying vibes in each song with a heap of character and emotion felt the whole way through.

The single 'Old salt' opens the EP in a dark and dusty fashion, like being in a country town at night. There is a great energy enhanced with some tight groovy tunes providing a great atmosphere.

'Down the line' is a much more laid back and chilled out affair. There is a great relaxed vibe as the music slowly wharfs by, complemented by the beautiful and soft vocals. 'Sonny (guns to the sky)' is a cool country tune. As the song progresses various elements float in to create a progressively thicker and richer sound full of colour and life. 'Oxford daisies' is a pretty little tune that races past in a short but sweet fashion. 'Virginia slims' on the other hand is a complete contrast. With loud aggressive guitars, Héloise shows off her ability to blast out a furious rock anthem! The EP closes with the lively blusey sounds of 'Rambler' ensuring the EP closes with an energetic blast!

This is a beautiful collection of songs. There is a great mix of rock, country, blues, and folk with the music ranging of loud and energetic to soft and laid back. All of this works together to create a vivid and atmospheric journey from start to finish.

Check out Héloise's website to find out more!

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