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CD Review: Godmouth – While I Was Gone

Posted on the 10 June 2016 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
CD Review: Godmouth – While I was gone

Anda Volley has been quite busy of late, in addition to her recent 5in5 EP she has also started a new band, Godmouth and put out two releases, this being the first.

This is something of a contrast from the aggressive energetic rock sounds that Anda Volley has put out in the past. This time round the music is quite chilled out, with soft and smooth textures rather than any actual beats or tunes. The album features four tracks, ranging between seven and a half and twelve and a half minutes in duration. Each takes off in its own experimental and unpredictable directions, doing so in a very chilled out fashion.

'To find mortified' is a slow and chilled out ambient track. The synth sounds glide along with the soft drum beats providing a kind of lulling feel. Anda Volley's vocals fit the ambient music perfectly as they float along with the ambience in a soft and smooth fashion.
'A minute left' is a hugely experimental song, and sounds like it was largely improvised as it was being recorded. The music is quite unpredictable with curious twists, turns, and unique sounds. The music is very chilled out and spacey giving it a very relaxed vibe. As a result the song works an an epic exploratory journey that travels around with curiosity as new and interesting sounds are realised.

'Fluoride' is a soft new age piece. The sounds floats along in a slow manner, taking the time for the spacey experimental sounds to be fully explored and realised. Once again Anda Volley's vocals are soft and characmatic, adding an extra layer to the music rather than taking over the song.
'While I was gone' is a droney / gothic offering. In one way the music is quite simple, with the synth sounds slowly playing paired with Anda Volley's non-lexical vocals. At the same time it produces an epic moving soundscape full of emotion and beauty!

It's always exiting to hear hugely talented musicians push the musical boundaries to create and discover new and amazing sounds. In this album, the band have thrown musical convention completely out of the window and gone for something very unique and unpredictable. If you like your music to be confined to verses and chorus, slickly produced and easily digestible then this record is not for you! However if you are open to experimental styles that completely break the mould, then you will find something utterly beautiful here!

Check out Godmouth's Bandcamp page to find out more!

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