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CD Review: Fraudband – Many Ways in…One Way Out

Posted on the 09 December 2015 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
CD Review: Fraudband – Many Ways in…One Way Out

This is the debut album from unique Melbourne duo Fraudband, showing off 9 experimental instumental tunes! With no vocals the music does all the talking and it says quite a bit with all manner of sounds, vibes, and feelings expressed over the three quarters of an hour.
The album was apparently recorded within a day. There is a very spontaneous feel to the album with the music taking whatever direction feels right and gradually moving from there. This leads to some amazing soundscapes that cover everything from heavy and grungy to soft and smooth.

The album opens up with the experimental psychedelic sounds of 'Tangled up'. Moving along in an off beat and unconventional manner the sounds, coming from all directions, gather around to create an energetic and endearing hazy atmosphere that slowly but surely roars along. '(I've got an) Eastern Block' flows on with the sounds taking on a heavier and more sound. Led by some solid hard rock guitars the track brings out the rough and ready vintage rock and roll feel. 'Sometimes... some things pass' is a much more laid back affair. The soft and smooth sounds float buy in a relaxed fashion to create a very comforting and chilled atmosphere. 'Come at me' is a short and sharp heavy rocking tune reminiscent of Black Sabbath or Deep Purple. The rough and raw sounds bring out a great dirty energy! 'Special time' is an epic mix of stoner rock and psychedelic sounding like old school Pink Floyd crossed with Kyuss. The two sounds working brilliantly together to create a powerful soundscape that drives along with great force. Just perhaps not the best song to drive along to as it might make you drive a little too fast! 'Keyed in' sounds like the Shadows crossed with Sonic Youth. As the song develops the atmosphere grows thicker and thinking taking you further along some crazy and psychotic journey!

The album closes with the slow and droning industrial sounds of 'Make a mountain'. As the longest track in the album it's provides one last epic journey before the finish!

This is a fantastic record full of colourful and energetic sounds. There are no dull moments here while the improvised feel delivers an interesting journey full of twists, turns, and a heap of energy and atmosphere!

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