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CD Review: Ed Kuepper – Lost Cities

Posted on the 26 December 2015 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
CD Review: Ed Kuepper – Lost cities

This is record number 50 from the former frontman of The Saints, and the Laughing Clowns. Mr Kuepper shows no signs of slowing down or running out of ideas with this album showing off 9 amazing tracks full of beauty and atmosphere. The album has a rural earthy feel to it. Driven mostly by slow guitars and Ed's deep yet soft vocals. As a result the album feels like a road trip though the outback with a mix of soft

The album opens with the soft and atmospheric 'Pavane'. Softly the music flows out to gradually fill the space around it painting a colourfully beautiful earthy soundscape. Ed's soft but rugged vocals add to the deep earthy feel. 'Making friends with the leader' is a dark country tune. The music takes on an eerie feel giving off the feel of driving around in the outback late at night. The slow growing guitars provide a powerful sound that drives the song along!
'What can I leave you' shows off Mr Kuepper's sensational guitar skills with some great sounds creating a thick dusty atmosphere full of energy.
'Fever dams' takes on a rusty blues feel. The slow but roaring blues guitars create a mesmerising feel that allows you to float away to somewhere far in the distance. 'Some said..' continues in a similar vein with the guitars becoming louder and heavier creating a raw hazy vibe.
The album closes with the spacey 'Queen of the vale'. Full of slow, loud, and hazy electric guitars this creates a powerful finish to the record.

This is a fantastic album full of vivid atmosphere and beautiful soundscapes!

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