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CD Review: Don Vail – Fades

Posted on the 23 June 2016 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
CD Review: Don Vail – Fades

This is the second release from Canadian rocking four piece Don Vail. The band bring out their own brand of soft yet powerful indie rock full of thick dreamy soundscapes!

'Personal league' opens the EP with that great shoegazer/Brit-pop warmth reminiscent of the Teenage Fanclub. The music is bright and sweet with a thick hazy atmosphere that surrounds the room.

'Strangers' continues in a similar vein with a big loud sound paired with the soft and calm vocals, creating a hazy dreamy soundscape. 'The truth is, Diane' brings in a curious mix of placid ambient electronic and a roaring garage rock elements. The two mix well to create a sombre yet energetic indie rock tune. 'Only exes' is a curious instrumental, starting out in aggressive rocking style before chilling out and closing with a soft ambient outro.

'Fake blood' is a blurry psyceldelic-esq pop tune sounding somewhere between The Beatles and the Primitive Radio Gods' more experimental work. The smooth silky sounds allow for the song's many and diverse sounds to flow along seamlessly. 'Human pyramid' is a two and a half minute experimental instrumental piece full of aggressive industrial sounds. 'Seventy three' has a bright poppy feel to it while at the same time having a strange and haunting undertone giving it a curious depth that draws you in. The EP closes in complete contrast to the previous tracks with the fast and furious post punk sounds of 'Sister' blasting their way to the finish line.

This is a sublime EP full of smooth yet energetic vibes that paint a vibrant and dreamy soundscape!

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