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CD Review: Black Stone Cherry – Kentucky

Posted on the 28 April 2016 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
CD Review: Black Stone Cherry – Kentucky

Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry have put out their fifth full lengh album. Named after their home state, this album brings out a massive hard/garage rock sound with a certain Kentucky style twist, making for a energetic ride!

'The way of the future' blasts the album open with a massive electric guitar riff followed by a massive ball of rocking energy that burns along with great aggression. This is complemented by the dark and cautionary lyrics about the future. 'In our dreams' roars along in a similar fast and furious manner. The loud grungy sounds create a massive and all surrounding energetic atmosphere.

'Soul machine' is a massive rock anthem that brings out the bands Kentucky roots with a great southern vibe flowing right through the track. The backing horns and vocals add an extra layer of depth to the tune.

'Long ride' is the album's ballad. While it acts as a good breather from the heavy raging rock that resided it ends up sounding a little too sappy and commercialised and as a result is the one weak spot of the album. Things recover quickly with the heavy rocking cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 'War'. The band bring in their own grungy rocking stamp on the song proving a great new interpretation. 'Hangman' is a fast paced heavy metal offering sounding like Metallica crossed with Soundgarden. 'Feelin' Fuzzy' is a thrashing song with a cool groovy vibe happening in the background. 'Darkest secret' keeps the album roaring along with great grunt, with the heavy growling guitars blasting along nicely. The album closes with the stripped back acoustic tune 'The Rambler.' A meloncholic tear jerker the track works as a warm down to the fast and heavy sounds of before. The soft and simple arrangements allow for the feeling and emotion to shine through.

This is a fast and brutal album that packs more than just a punch. Black Steel Cheery have continued to charge with their own brand of grungy heavy rock!

Check out Black Stone Cherry's website to find out more!

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